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Our services

Plastic materials printing


We are able to provide any type of product in plastic material, small productions and large quantities, like over one million pieces per year.

3D modelling


We can provide any type of 3D modeling services, creation of technical drawings with exploded views, sections and assemblies.

Technological Research and Development


We offer our consulting services in support of funded research projects. We promote to our customers membership the regional and national competitions and we follow all the technical phases of project preparation and management of the progress, until the completion of the activities.

Mould Construction


Our company provides comprehensive molds ready for production. The mold is constructed using the most advanced machines to CNC machine tools. We always guarantee the correct precision and the quality of the product.

“Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist.” (Steve Jobs)

Pre series


We manufacture small production lots for the launch of the products on the market, we use short-term prototype equipment and good precision of the product made.

Fem Analysis


We can provide services and advice in structural analysis by FEM, fluid dynamics simulations, especially filling analysis and molding specific software.

Reverse e Prototyping


From an existing physical object we can create and/or optimize a piece equal or similar to that. We can provide the 3D and 2D model of the final piece, using the most advanced three-dimensional scanning technology. We are able to provide prototypes in a variety of existing manufacturing technologies: laser sintering, stereolithography, Abs wire deposit, FDM technology, DMLS, we offer painting and special finishes on prototypes as well as production of plastic prices.

Industrial Property Protection


A branch of our team deals with Intellectual proprety Consulting, we are specialized in the protection of ideas in multiple subject areas. With our expertise we identify the characteristics of your product thus defining the best strategy in terms of an invention patent protection, a trademark and industrial design.