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Our mission



Our idea is to make your product, protecting it and developing it using our know-how.
We follow all the production phases of the product production giving you a time-to-market aligned to your needs. Shape your future with us!

Professionality and reliability at the service of companies.

RL-engineering is a company specialized in the industrialization of the product.
Born from the passion and experience of the two founders, it offers its customers reliability and technological innovation. Promoter of research industry projects, the RL-engineering is aimed to small, medium and large companies on the Italian territory and abroad. We use the most modern technology and we have a network of qualified partners at national and international level. The production site provides molded plastic parts and other metal components … from the idea to the made product!

Our business spans across the field of industrial design and optimization of the product, from the realization of the prototype up to quality control.

Currently we carry out numerous collaborations with some of the major industries of the sector; we represent the ideal partner when a new idea and then a new product should be introduced on the market.