RL engineering Srl is a company specialised in product industrialisation, which is why we miticulously see to each aspect related to our mission: from the protection of industrial property to the manufacturing of the verticalised product within plastic material industry.


We protect industrial property and manufacture your product thanks to our highly trained engineers who draw on a decade long experience in the industrial production business.

Our products are designed using CAD 3D and we produce thermoplastic moulds, moulding for plastic materials and prototypes; moreover we deal with research and technological development and are able to offer a time-to-market service in line with our customer’s needs..

We believe in evolution and progress and for this reason we created BIOTEKEN, a brand that embodies our idea of future.

Thanks to an eco-sustainable design and our steady work in industrial applications aimed at the wellbeing of the community, BIOTEKEN represents our commitment to preserve environmental health.

BIOTEKEN is the exclusive RL Engineering-labelled production line which is entirely created using biodegradable and compostable materials.

Because development matters to us: the development of a better world.

Our history

RL Engineering is product industrialisation.

It is a concept established in 2012 with the aim of bringing your ideas to life.

Throughout our activity we developped the projects of over 60 companies operating in Italy, Europe, Canada, USA and Mexico.

We are ranked among the best Italian product-engineering realities.

We formed a team specialised in the protection of industrial property and we have recently developped an eco-sustainable line of plastic products.

We are the ideal partner both for companies who want to create new products and for individual customers who wish to bring an idea or a vision to life.

RL Engineering. We shape your ideas.

Our mission

RL Engineering is product industrialisation in plastics industry.

Whether they be projects designed to meet the needs of your company, your activity or simply to develop your product concept, RL Engineering will be able to provide the solutions you are looking for and will offer you all its designing, engineering and technological experience.

We will realise the prototype you have imagined, protect its intellectual property right and develop both your product and the industrial production line.

How does it work?

We start from your idea, realise your design, develop the prototype, then we test its reliability and, together, we plan the industrial production line.

We constantly check the products quality and we are always by your side.