How we can help you

How we can help you

We perform ultrasound welding procedure for any kind of component.

This procedure allows a homogeneous welding that doesn’t need external agents and ensures a hermetic seal.


The welding machine causes a high-frequency mechanical vibration which is oriented in a normal direction at the mating surface. It stresses the plasic materials  obtained through the injection moulding procedure and it generates a progressive intermolecular friction within them which causes a localised rise in temperature.

Our solution

This procedure is completed in an extremely short period of time and it causes the fusion of a well-defined area – welding contact area – which, under the action of a constant force, pushes two plastic polymers to merge until penetrating one into the other.

With RL Engineering you will get the support you need in designing the polymers to be welded and the creation of the sonotrodes necessary for the process.

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