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Precision and quality are the core concepts on which the development of our mission is based, which is why we use the most advanced CNC – computer numerical control - tooling machines to produce thermoplastic moulds. We support our customer during each production stage of a new mould, all the way through its sampling and industrialisation of the production line that is carried out in our production departments; we offer to our customers’ technical offices a free co-design service because it is essential to take care of the project from its initial idea in order to guarantee the best possible benefits in terms of reliability, productivity and cost-efficiency.

Our solution

We provide filling analysys, test moulds and recommend the appropriate materials to use.

We guarantee rapid and punctual delivery times, reliable technical solution choices along with optimized investment costs.

Our thermoplastic moulds offer a guarantee up to 1.000.000 keystrokes on their  repeatability in order to cope with a continuous production, providing our customer with a line of the highest-quality products.