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We can supply any plastic product in both small and large quantities, meaning over a million pieces per year.

Our machinery equipment includes 6 thermoplastic injection moulding machines:

  • 90 tons
  • 120 tons
  • 150 tons
  • 320 tons
  • 530 tons
  • 150 tons (vertical)

a plasticising unit with a capacity of 2,2kg and a maximum manufacturing size limit of 850mm x 850mm x 800mm.

We offer a third-party moulding service: bring your own mould for plastics or create your customized mould with us.


We provide a wide range of thermoplastics to chose from and the most innovative engineering polymers, masterbatch and additives:

  • Sound-insulating and sound-absorbing materials;
  • Low specific weight polymers;
  • Antiscratch styrenes;
  • High Gloss;
  • Self-extinguishing, electrically conductive and thermal dissipation polymers;
  • Anti-bacterial polymers.

These are some of our proposals.

Come and discover the polymers of the future!

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