Our services
to professionals

Protection of industrial property

We are specialised in Intellectual Property Consulting.

We define the best strategy to safegard your idea by ensuring its intellectual property right.


RL-engineering provides any kind of 3D modelling service, realisation of engineer drawing boards with exploded view, sections and creation of assemblies.


Starting from the CAD 3D design project we are able to produce the prototype thaks to the most diverse existing implementation technologies.

Manufacturing of thermoplastic moulds

Precision and quality are the core concepts on which the development of our mission is based, which is why we use the most advanced CNC tooling machines to produce thermoplastic moulds.


Research and Technological Dvelopment

RL Engineering team is always by your side including during the phase of research and technological development requested in national and regional calls for tenders which enables access to the capital needed to realise your idea.

Plastic Moulding

We can supply any plastic product in both small and large quantities, meaning over a million pieces per year.

Assembling and Overmoulding

We are specialised in providing an overmouldin service of metal parts with plastics and in addition our customers can request a service which enables them to get the manufacturing of prototypes and products for retail sale.

Ultrasound welding for plastics

We perform ultrasound welding procedure for any kind of component.

This procedure allows a homogeneous welding that doesn’t need external agents and ensures a hermetic seal.