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RL-engineering provides any kind of 3D modelling service, realisation of engineer drawing boards tooled with exploded view, sections and creation of assemblies. The customer who entrusts his project to us will benefit from the most advanced existing 3D modelling technologies.

As a matter of fact, CAD systems are based on two main phases: technical drawing and design, both of which are then processed using specific softwares that guarantee maximum-precision results.

CAD systems are known to be widely used in different areas where modelling activity is involved, thanks to their impressive accuracy in project development. Mechanical design, industrial design, electronics and plant engineering are only a few sectors that involve the use of CAD design.

Our solution

Starting from a pre-existing physical component we provide a reverse engineering service. Through the use of a 3D scanner, we are able to obtain a CAD 3D file that we will optimize in order to create the design exactly the way you have imagined it.