Barty is our flagship.

It is the project that gave us the chance to actually implement all the services that we provide to our customers.

We created a precious prototype, a jewel of the product industrialization business.

It is an innovative idea conceived to create a compact system for automated mixology to prepare drinks and cocktails with the highest precision.


Perfection and speed. A drink in 6 seconds and up to ten drinks in 10 minutes.

The accuracy of a professional bartender that can be adjusted based on the customer’s tastes.

A true engineering marvel, the ultimate expression of meticulousness, that takes up a minimum amount of space.

Barty was conceived to enhance professional bartenders perfomance.

A very accurate machine at the service of people’s creativity.

Because accuracy also means optimization of both raw materials and managing costs of the actvities.

As our succsessful project case, Barty is one of the 20 projects participating at Connex | Confindustria-awarded Sturtups.