Metawellness s.r.l.

Labby Light is a real ‘anti-Covid’ bracelet.

The project was created by a young start-up from Bari – a city located in Puglia, a southern region in Italy – called MetaWellness, which is specialised in sport and fitness technology.

Labby Light is a product based on a patented technology able to limit Covid-19 contagions and concretely contribute to fight the coronavirus thanks to its technology that ensures social distancing.

Labby Light has a dual function: the first one is to warn its users when they are not respecting the 1-metre minimum safety distance by flashing a led light and vibrating; the second one is to track down the network of contacts of a Covid-19 positive user thanks to a system that safely memorises all useful data, thereby allowing to quickly isolate potential outbreaks.

Labby light

Labby Light was used during the Giro d’Italia 2020, the most important Italian cycling competition.

This project was a very exciting experience for us because not only were we able to produce the prototypes and moulds in very few weeks during the challenging lockdown period, demonstrating our proactivity in a narrow time-to-market situation but it also gave us the chance to give a significant contribution to public health.

We will always be thankful to MetaWellness for the opportunity to establish such a precious collaboration.